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Corporate Background

GemStone Systems is an enterprise software company that has pioneered the adoption of several enterprise infrastructure technologies through its rich history. GemStone’s products continue to be used by over 200 large enterprise customers in mission-critical environments in critical enterprise-wide deployments in industries such as financial services, the Federal Government, transportation, telecommunications and energy.

GemStone Systems has built deep expertise in enterprise-level technologies such as distributed resource management, in-memory caching and disk persistence, scalable data distribution, high performance computing operations, object management and other areas that are at the core of building a highly reliable, mission-critical data infrastructure. GemStone brings together a unique set of skills and talented people who have pioneered these technologies through its history and those that have successfully driven the creation of markets and products in other successful enterprise software companies. GemStone has also build enterprise-class support models that allow global enterprises to rely upon GemStone as a solid business partner today, with experience dating several years.

Executive Team

Richard Lamb, President
Dan J. Ware, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development
Juan Menendez, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Alliances
Makarand Gokhale, General Manager, Engineering and Technology Delivery


GemStone customers are industry leading Global 2000 companies, independent software companies, and systems integrators building high performance, data-intensive enterprise solutions. GemStone has more than 200 customers including companies and organizations within financial services, energy, logistics, telecommunications, and the federal government.

Strategic Partnerships

GemStone partners are leading companies that develop and market complementary solutions that are integrated with GemStone products. These partners extend the functionality of GemStone’s technology, which results in superior joint solutions for our customers.

GemStone’s strategic partners include IBM, Intel, Platform Computing, Sun Microsystems, and Cincom.

Core Products & Technology


GemFire, the Enterprise Data Fabric (EDF), provides a scalable, distributed platform to manage increasing volumes of enterprise data and streaming events with almost zero-latency. With advanced data virtualization, distributed caching and complex event processing (CEP) capabilities, the GemFire EDF enables the delivery of actionable informatino to the right application at the right time.

The GemFire product suite includes GemFire Enterprise, GemFire Enterprise – C++ and GemFire SQLFabric.

GemFire Enterprise

GemFire Enterprise provides a distributed data store in-memory and on-disk that delivers data at low latencies to applications in multiple formats. GemFire Enterprise is available as two products:

  • GemFire Enterprise
    Standards-based, native Java product that stores data as Java objects and supports the JCache semantics.
  • GemFire Enterprise-C++ edition
    Native C++ product for non-Java, non-JVM environments stores objects as C++ objects in GemFire regions.

Each of these products provides the highest level of performance, scalability and lowest latency, bar none in the industry. Both products support/will support industry-leading features such as distributed transactions and distributed querying.


The GemStone/S object server provides an advanced platform for developing, deploying and managing scalable, mission-critical applications. It provides the robust, scalable, secure and flexible environment required for mission-critical applications, and supports the high-availability online environment demanded by 24X7 operations.

Technical Support

GemStone Technical Support provides proactive software support and keeps you up-to-date with GemStone technological advances. Customers can receive access to extensive information including Tech Tips, bug notes, documentation, and product upgrades and enhancements. For mission critical production applications, GemStone offers 24×7 Emergency Production-Down Support, which provides rapid response and immediate prioritization 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.