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  • Gaming

    The world of massively multiplayer online gaming (MMOG) has produced some of the greatest data management problems to date. With myriads of data to manage and hundreds of thousands of demanding clients that need to be updated in the shortest amount of time possible, MMOG’s seem destined for data management issues. What do you do after you’ve created a unique, interactive persistent virtual world and your game starts to become viral? [Read more...]
  • Health Care

    Consumer, payer, and provider demands for better information to guide decision making, compliance regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and complex medical data processing needs have renewed the importance of information management in the healthcare industry. [Read more...]
  • Insurance

    Data management plays a critical role in insurance operations. From new policy applications processing to claims management to auditing and compliance, insurance systems rely on massive amounts of information related to insurance products, consumers, and actuarial data. [Read more...]
  • Federal

    The U.S. Government is the largest and most widely distributed producer and consumer of real-time, mission critical information. Military, public safety and security organizational missions depend upon ultra fast and reliable access to operational data. Exclusively focused on in-memory data management and distribution, GemStone is in an excellent position to support our public sector prospect and customers missions [Read more...]
  • Media

    The combination of GemFire and push technologies will greatly improve overall performance and end-user experience for both producers and consumers of the news product. And in the process, this technology pairing simplify the architecture for the entire processing stream [Read more...]
  • Financial

    Fierce competition and volatile market conditions are driving both buy-side and sell-side firms towards information-centric business strategies that enable efficient management of enterprise data and provide the agility to respond to critical business events. Increased data volumes, new regulatory compliance and global market trading are adding immense pressure on capital market firms to gain access to near real-time data and capitalize on opportunities in the market by effectively react to market events. GemFire, an Enterprise Data Fabric from GemStone Systems, helps financial services combat these burgeoning challenges and increase their profitability by ensuring operational efficiency at warp speeds, enhancing and optimizing risk and analytics infrastructures, and guaranteeing improved customer intimacy. [Read more...]