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GemStone in Financial Markets

GemStone in Financial Markets


Fierce competition and volatile market conditions are driving both buy-side and sell-side firms towards information-centric business strategies that enable efficient management of enterprise data and provide the agility to respond to critical business events. Increased data volumes, new regulatory compliance and global market trading are adding immense pressure on capital market firms to gain access to near real-time data and capitalize on opportunities in the market by effectively react to market events. Traditional data stores like relational database management systems provide efficient mechanisms to store data on disk but lack the ability to offer:

  • Fast access to market data
  • Scalable solution for compute intensive applications
  • High resiliency at a lower cost
  • Active data management to respond to real time events.

GemFire, an Enterprise Data Fabric from GemStone Systems, helps financial services combat these burgeoning challenges and increase their profitability by ensuring operational efficiency at warp speeds, enhancing and optimizing risk and analytics infrastructures, and guaranteeing improved customer intimacy. GemFire provides a reliable information infrastructure to deal with the data deluge caused by increased electronic trading and regulatory requirements. Its distributed data infrastructure with instantaneous and non-stop data availability can enhance operations in throughout the front, middle, and back office by providing:

  • Real-time analysis of market data: With data stored in memory and distributed to multiple nodes, financial applications can access the data at memory speeds. The easy to use GemFire API allows storing and retrieval of data from the cache very simple and makes adoption of GemFire easy.
  • Profitability through increased throughput: In a grid computational environment, GemFire offers a virtualized access to the data independent of the location. This makes it easier to dynamically scale-out or scale-in the data grid at runtime without any data loss. Unlike traditional data stores, GemFire can scale to thousands of nodes to provide consistent and reliable response time under varied load.
  • Business continuity at a reduced cost: The inherent distributed nature of GemFire enables it to maintain multiple copies of the data in memory at all times. In capital markets, where no data access failure is acceptable, GemFire provides simple architecture solution to provide high resiliency across multiple geographical locations at a fraction of the cost of traditional high availability solutions.
  • Timely response to changing market conditions: GemFire offers a continuous query engine that allows applications to register interest in changes to market data set. As market data changes, the continuous query engine not only notifies the application of the event but also propagates the changed data to the registered applications. This allows accurate and timely response to volatile market conditions.

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