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GemStone in Market Data

GemStone in Market Data



Market data is often the lifeline of most trading environments. In most environments, however, market data infrastructures are characterized by the following problems:

  • Proprietary protocols and APIs – rigid formats that cause tight coupling or extremely obese protocols that enable loose coupling
  • Scalability and performance issues, especially in large-scale trading environments
  • High maintenance costs
  • Multiple required data transformations, which introduce latency
  • Absent real-time analytics and reporting capabilities

The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric provides a high-performance backbone for managing market data in a standards-based, distributed fashion, making features such as pricing with no latency available to trading desks and other applications. Such an approach minimizes and isolates the usage of multiple legacy protocols and formats that are constantly changing. The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric can also enable intelligent querying, analytics, and computations on market data like VWAP, Moving Averages, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Bollinger Bands. These in turn can be utilized to craft a gamut of trading strategies starting from simple spreads, pairs, and statistical arbitrage to more complex and exotic strategies involving correlation with other data sources and historical data. The products that make up the GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric can be introduced with little effort and can be scaled in a market data environment with ease.