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GemStone in Reference Data Management

GemStone in Reference Data Management



Inconsistent, inaccurate, or incomplete reference data is the primary cause for trade failures in the financial services industry. Exceptions in the trade lifecycle caused by unreliable reference data lead to increased operational risk, lost revenue opportunities, financial liability, and the need for expensive manual trade duplication and reconciliation processes. Since artificial system delays are often introduced to make allowances for poor reference data systems, these systems are notorious for limiting the efficiency improvements in trade process automation.

The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric provides reliable and efficient distribution of different kinds of reference data (pricing, risk, and securities for example) from centralized or multiple sources. With such a system in place, access to reference data is instantaneously available and consistency is ensured as well. The standards-based querying support in GemFire can enable applications to dissect reference data into a relevant subset and access necessary information rapidly. Through the real-time data analysis and continuous querying features of GemFire, reference data can be cleansed through pattern recognition techniques. This prevents erroneous reference data from permeating the system.