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GemStone in Risk Management and Analytics

GemStone in Risk Management and Analytics



Enterprise risk management, whether it’s operational, credit, or market risk, is a data initiative. Having good data on a timely basis is the key to good decision making.

Risk management is continuing to grow as a high-priority initiative, especially among financial service providers, as these organizations strive to minimize their exposures to potential economic loss. Market events, regulatory compliance, and new products and services have challenged today’s financial institutions to do more with less. Financial institutions are constantly in need of information from a variety of sources to instantaneously assess their exposure to risk and identify opportunities that offer higher margins with a relatively lower risk.

The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric can bolster risk management infrastructures by providing a virtualized risk information layer that guarantees high-performance data access and high data availability as well. GemFire can also enable real-time risk analytics and user-defined computations on streaming market data. Compute grids that have been designed for risk analytics and Greek computations are often bogged down by data latency issues. Hence, they cannot scale to a greater number of nodes when data volumes and data complexity increase. GemFire can enable a data grid deployment for risk computation infrastructures that can virtualize, scale, and guarantee information on demand.