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GemStone in Trading

GemStone in Trading


Electronic trading is becoming more and more prevalent not just in the equities world but across the board – fixed income, derivatives, and foreign exchange markets are witnessing similar trends. Furthermore, direct market access has also increased the volume of trades that have to be processed, especially around market close. Such trends necessitate an ultra-low-latency data infrastructure that can distribute the required information instantaneously to the different systems of a trading platform. Guaranteeing a low level of latency is also critical for trade executions at favorable price points, especially post-decimalization, when liquidity at specific price points has dropped significantly.

Characterized by high-performance data access, real-time analytics of market data streams, and data distribution capabilities, the GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric can not only improve the throughput of an electronic trading platform but also provides reliable mechanisms to replicate and persist order/trade data for failover to guarantee a non-stop trading environment. The GemFire Trading Reference Architecture offers a quick and easy approach for firms to implement such a data platform within 90 days. Click here to learn more about it.

Such an infrastructure is highly critical to support complex analytics – pre-trade and post-trade – that rely on extremely fast data access. GemFire’s real-time analytics and streaming data management capabilities enable analysis of market data on a continuous basis to drive profitable trading. Similar benefits can also be reaped in pricing workflow and analytics in foreign exchange and derivative markets.