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GemStone in Trading Reference Architecture

GemStone in Trading Reference Architecture

The absolute need for ultra-high performance, scalability and reliability in trading environments necessitates a truly versatile data platform. GemFire offers such a platform with its one of a kind reference architecture for large-scale trading desks. This solution represents a new paradigm that helps customers achieve performance characteristics that were previously deemed impossible.

Why is this relevant to you?

  • Increase your trade processing capabilities/speed by up to 100 times
  • Achieve a continuous availability environment for non-stop trading
  • Benefit from a tunable policy to achieve both high performance and low latency
  • Implement in less than 90 days without disrupting existing legacy technologies

Technical Highlights

  • High-speed order processing through eXtreme Transaction Processing
  • Complete logging of transaction history with checkpoints
  • Reusable design patterns to suit a variety of trading environments
  • Component based design for handling business rules through parallel function execution service
  • Order book partitions for load-balancing and horizontal scale
  • Multiple standby servers (slaves) with automatic fail-over for high availability
  • Fast synchronization of order books to back-up nodes
  • Comprehensive monitoring of system operations
    • Complete Statistics Analysis and performance monitoring
    • Real-time Statistics/Performance Charting
    • System Configuration
    • Cache Browser for Order books, Transactions, etc.

Trading Reference Architecture