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GemStone in Insurance

GemStone in Insurance


Data management plays a critical role in insurance operations. From new policy applications processing to claims management to auditing and compliance, insurance systems rely on massive amounts of information related to insurance products, consumers, and actuarial data. Furthermore, information from multiple communication channels, internal and external data sources, and real-time transaction data have to be virtualized for different activities like claims processing and policy management.

The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric offers a solution strategy for IT professionals in the insurance industry to support burgeoning data management needs and provide users fast and consistent access to enterprise data. GemFire’s low-latency, high availability, and data distribution capabilities can be used to enable data grid deployments for risk computation and analysis of actuarial statistics. Successful grid deployments need a high-performance data fabric like GemFire to better utilize the compute power provisioned through these grids.

The GemFire suite of products can help accelerate and improve functions such as online policy issuance, claims processing, real-time marketing and sales support, auditing, and compliance within the insurance industry.