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GemStone publishes paper at SIMUTools 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011 15:50 PDT

Some good news! GemStone’s work and research collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on “predictive performance” modeling has produced a published paper. The attached paper was accepted for the SIMUTools conference in Barcelona in March, http://simutools.org/2011/. There were about 65 submissions in total submitted to the main research track of the conference of which only 20 papers were accepted as full papers resulting in an acceptance rate around 30%. The paper was ranked on top of the list with the highest overall score of the 65 submissions, and with significant distance to the second highest ranked paper on the list!

Since 2009, GemStone has been collaborating with Sam Kounev of KIT and his group to investigate tools and techniques for capacity planning and predictive performance in middleware/virtualized systems. Most recently, Sam’s team and GemStone built an automation tool and environment for generating queuing petri net simulations based on GemStone’s enterprise data fabric product called GemFire. Our end goal is to provide our users with the ability to forecast capacity needs and to dynamically adjust GemFire loads to achieve best ROI in terms of cost, SLAs, power etc.. The published paper documents this work.

Download the PDF here: SIMUtools-Submission