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  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

    In its original form, data warehousing was meant to store an enterprises variegated data in an efficient way and run deep analytics on that data. However, with the old style of data warehousing, real-time business intelligence was not possible... until now. [Read more...]
  • RDB Speedup and Scaleup

    In most IT environments, database-related performance and scalability issues often plague Service Oriented Architectures, grid, or Web application deployments.

    [Read more...]
  • Private Data Cloud

    Traditional systems like relational database management systems cannot provide the necessary performance for distributed grid environments or enable data sharing. Without fast data access, most compute grids become fast-running processes with no data to process. [Read more...]
  • Mainframe Migration

    The cost of maintaining a legacy mainframe in the 21st century has become both very expensive and unnecessary. GemFire can offload mainframe data processing at a fraction of the economic and opportunity cost. [Read more...]