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GemStone in RDB Speedup and Scaleup

GemStone in RDB Speedup and Scaleup


GemFire for Database Performance Acceleration

In most IT environments, database-related performance and scalability issues often plague Service Oriented Architectures, grid, or Web application deployments. The net result is a poor end-user experience and non-compliance of service-level agreements. Database-bound architectures suffer from the following challenges:

  • Disk latency
  • Non-distributed in nature
  • Inability to accommodate sporadic client loads
  • Need for complex transformations

The GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric can help database-bound architectures decrease latency and improve scalability considerably. Through a predominantly memory-based data management scheme, the GemFire suite of products supports distributed caching of data (from a database) as objects, result-sets, or as tables in memory. This enables applications to consume data in the format they need without latency.